• Beware of Burnout!

    #burnout #burnoutrecovery #resilience #teamcommunication #responsibleleadership

    “I feel empty and exhausted.”

    “I love my job and I want to perform really well, I just feel that I am using up my last resources. What shall I do?”

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  • Self-knowledge and Skills Gap Analysis: What is It and Why Should You Care?

    #jobsearchstrategy #careercoaching #skillsgaps #goalsetting #strengths

    Well, are you on the way to land your dream job?

    Or are you searching for your first job but not quite sure what the best way would be to do

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  • Conflict management hacks for startups, entrepreneurs and the like

    #leadershipandimpact #team #startups

    Why does it matter?

    How could it be that my co-founder / my partner / my CTO / CMO / COO, with whom I launched this company back in the days and got along so well,

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  • Giving feedback well

    #feedbackmatters #leadership

    Have you ever thought of how much is at stake in our daily communication instances? I would say a lot.

    What else if not exactly those tiny pieces of human interaction that impact so powerfully the quality of our relationships? Let alone when

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  • The mindset of a winner

    #selfdetermination #ambition #loveofthegame #kobebryant #mambamentality

    Wondering how peak performance can be reached? Wanting to know more about self determination, constant focus and passion? Then watch this short film, The Mindset of A Winner. A truly fascinating 11-minute interview with the all-time legend about his approach to life. You can

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  • Experience Coaching

    #experience coaching #coaching mindset #intercultural language #human interaction #international coach federation

    A truly inspiring story of how successful leadership became possible thanks to a fruitful coaching process recorded by International Coach Federation within the framework of the “ExperienceCoaching” project. Watch this short testimonial of a woman who talks about how coaching helped

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