• Giving feedback well

    #feedbackmatters #leadership

    Have you ever thought of how much is at stake in our daily communication instances? I would say a lot.

    What else if not exactly those tiny pieces of human interaction that impact so powerfully the quality of our relationships? Let alone when

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  • The mindset of a winner

    #selfdetermination #ambition #loveofthegame #kobebryant #mambamentality

    Wondering how peak performance can be reached? Wanting to know more about self determination, constant focus and passion? Then watch this short film, The Mindset of A Winner. A truly fascinating 11-minute interview with the all-time legend about his approach to life. You can

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  • Experience Coaching

    #experience coaching #coaching mindset #intercultural language #human interaction #international coach federation

    A truly inspiring story of how successful leadership became possible thanks to a fruitful coaching process recorded by International Coach Federation within the framework of the “ExperienceCoaching” project. Watch this short testimonial of a woman who talks about how coaching helped

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  • Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

    #creativity #psychological safety #devotion #humbleness

    In this charming 19-min piece the author of Eat, Pray, Love shares with us a couple of brilliant ideas about creative genius. For her, we’re all creative souls already, we just need to figure out how to harness inspiration and unleash the

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  • Kelly McGonial: How to make stress your friend?

    #stress #oxytocin #humanconnection #biologyofcourage

    Health psychologist Kelly McGonial of Stanford reveals unexpected ways of how you can make friends with stress instead of falling prey to it.

    In a study which tracked 30.000 adult in the United States for eight

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