Experience Coaching

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A truly inspiring story of how successful leadership became possible thanks to a fruitful coaching process recorded by International Coach Federation within the framework of the “ExperienceCoaching” project. Watch this short testimonial of a woman who talks about how coaching helped her create new structure in life after moving to Qatar, and how she created a new vision for her team and became a true and motivating leader of 25 people coming from very different cultural backgrounds.

I believe that the greatest challenges that we are facing today in our societies, in politics, in global economy are resolvable only through stepping into a higher level of collaboration between us as individuals, as teams, or even as much larger groups of people like nations. We know that humans are able to connect to each other no matter what colour, cultural background, educational level they are coming from. It’s just the common language that they have to find to communicate with each other. I love this story because watching it you’ll instantly get the message that there is a genuinely international language which does not know borders between people. And that language is called coaching mindset. It offers a precious new opportunity to define and to practice in real life the special type of collaboration which humankind so desperately needs in today’s world.

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