Coaching is always an awesome journey for me, the solid foundation of which is created by mutual trust and connection between me and my partner: a thought-provoking and creative process in which we are inspired to experiment with new ideas and practices to reach your goal.
We are doing all this because this is the road that leads to reaching your maximum potential both as a person and a professional. During the sessions you’ll become more aware of what is happening in your life.
Instead of pursuing theoretical frameworks, we focus on what is working in practice. The more you invest into our work, the more you can gain from it. I provide attention and structure, you bring the topic.
You should also be prepared to go through moments and periods with tension within the coaching process when you face new challenges. This is a natural part of the job and as we proceed, you’ll step forward from these with more strength.
I apply an integrated approach to various methods which is fine-tuned to the individual situation. My approach has been shaped mainly by transaction analysis and Gestalt.

Everyone within the world of work and accomplishments may find themselves in situations when they need a partner to speak with about self-knowledge to create a new harmony. I can be your choice here in individual coaching.

What is happening in individual coaching?

Basicallly we are talking along the sessions. While talking, we identify what is lasting, stable and solid in you, and what your internal and external resources are that you can rely on.
Depending on the situation, I deploy multiple methods: we can proceed along the classical Grow model where identifying goals is followed first by exploring reality then by considering as many options as possible. Finally we close the session by wrapping up what your intended changes are and what you will be accountable for.
Part of the process is to work on self-knowledge and to discover a new balance which is shaped by your conscious attitude to change.
This learning path consists of several small steps. We also learn how to celebrate even the tiniest success besides the big and spectacular ones.
As an impact of the sessions, your communication too becomes more conscious and effective.

Usually we meet every second week, altogether for 8-12 occasions, and one session lasts 60-90 minutes. Upon request the number of occasions can be altered.

What are the most frequent topics in individual coaching?

  • Development of leadership skills
  • Time management, delegation of duties
  • Lower performance, burnout
  • Job change, integrating new responsibilities
  • Motivating the team
  • Difficult decisions
  • Career change
  • Stress management, managing relationship with your boss
  • When usual practices do not work
  • Conflict management
  • Self-knowledge, self-reflection
  • Or any blockage, or loosing your balance

What is happening in group coaching?

Most of the cases we use action learning methods where people coming from different backgrounds work together in small groups on the topic or problem of one of the participants, whereas I am facilitating the collaboration as team coach. Primary benefit of the multiple perspectives within the group is to elaborate various solutions jointly together building on each other’s experiences. In the course of the sessions the role of theme-host and that of assistant or „coach” will rotate among participants. Group coaching works well for instance as follow-up sessions after trainings, when we discuss how everyone could apply in practice what was learnt in classroom. Or after project work, when we try to find solutions for specific challenges. Since experiences are shared, not only the theme-host, but all the other group members too learn something new.

Usually we meet every third or fourth week, altogether for 6-8 occasions, one session lasts about 4 hours. Upon request the number of occasions can be altered.

What are the most frequent topics in group coaching?

  • Follow-up of trainings
  • Leadership skills
  • Cooperation
  • Coping with unpredictable situations
  • Effective project work
  • Self-knowledge, self-reflection
  • Communication skills

What is happening in team coaching?

Here I work with a team as team coach on a selected topic. Members are also part of the same team in real life. Team members are interdependent in achieving their goals, they can show results only through collaboration. Exploring team dynamics and re-balancing the team are in the focus of our work.
As the team transforms itself, its surrounding broader organizational culture will be shaped as well: the former impacts the latter and vice versa.
Special emphasis falls on the actual „arrival” of participants into the coaching sessions. All of us should leave behind the hordes of tasks and to-do-s of our lives, since only active contribution in an open, honest and trustful atmosphere will lead to the expected substantial outcomes.
I promote the emergence of such an environment with various tuning-in and centering exercises in accordance with the actual situation and style of your team.
As part of a comprehensive organisational development program, team coaching can significantly increase the program’s effectiveness.

Number of occasions and duration of a session may alter depending on the planned assignment, but one process comprises at least 4-6 occasions.

What are the most frequent topics in team coaching?

  • Creating awareness of shared values in real life situations
  • Improving cooperation and exploring its blocking factors
  • Effective team work
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improving organisation culture
  • Self-knowledge, self-reflection