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HR Consulting

Regarding human resources, leaders and managers frequently find themselves in front of special challenges that they have to face. A leader who is able to lead the changes, is of great value to the organisation.

What is happening in HR Consulting?

Some of the challenges are tied to a specific developmental stage of the company: for instance preceding or amidst fast growth new issues may arise due to the need for optimising operation, time pressure or growing headcount.

But timely response to changes or intervention into an already acute situation is necessary or rather crucial in any circumstances.

During our collaboration I help management give a quick and appropriate answer to these challenges, therefore it’ll become the driver of further development. All this will be possible only if the leaders recognise that there is a problem, and that they need someone from outside to help solve it. Hence assessment always starts with interviewing the CEO/founder.

Upon request I also make a detailed process audit to determine a fine-tuned solution. Usually more feasible options are presented and you decide which one to pick that best fits you and your organization. If required I can also help in implementation.

What are the most frequent topics of HR Consulting?

  • How to recruit and retain the best talent?
  • I want to know how each of our employees performs!
  • How much do our employees like working with us?
  • How to become a really Lean organisation?
  • On the road towards Agility – when will it finally work well?
  • Is our rewarding system competitive?
  • Besides money what motivates people?
  • What do I have to do so that an intended change effectively take place?
  • How can I become a better and more efficient leader?
  • How can we work well with people coming from different cultures?